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Meet the Farmers


Alhambra Valley Farms

Tom Powers.

Alhambra Valley Farms is a small, family-owned farm, located in the Northeast of the San Francisc Bay Area. They produce olive oil, cured olives, wine grapes, vegetables and fruit.

About the Farmer:

Tom Powers, who has lived his whole life in California, currently lives and farms in the beautiful Alhambra Valley of Contra Costa County, California. Tom is a retired attorney who spent sixteen years as a Contra Costa County Supervisor. He and his lovely wife Donna and have three grown children.


Baia Nicchia Farms

Baia Nicchia is a small farm and nursery located in Sunol, California. Fred Hempel and Jill Shepard own and run the farm. Baia Nicchia breeds gourmet vegetables (primarily tomatoes), and grows a variety of crops. The focus is on tomatoes, sweet peppers, squash and herbs.

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J.E. Perry Farms

Located in East Bay Regional Parks, Ardenwood Regional Preserve on the corner of highway 84 and Ardenwood Blvd. Joseph Perry(owner) has been farming in the Fremont/Newark area all his life and has been a certified organic farmer though CCOF since 1990. Our organic farm produces an abundant variety of vegetables at affordable prices without the use of potentially harmful pesticides, offering a healthy alternative for our customers.


Terra Bella Family Farms

Terra Bella is located just south of Castlewood on Sunol Blvd. It is owned and ran by Shawn Seufert. They grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables, and specialize in warm weather crops such as tomatoes, squash, eggplants, and peppers.


Knoll Farms

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Southern California

Tutti Frutti

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